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Whether you’re working from home and have forgotten to email yourself documents or need to get hold of a meeting presentation, Dropbox Business allows you to access, edit and save documents, regardless of location. Once a business or department account has been created, all computers connected to the account will be synchronised, so all team members can view updates and latest additions.

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The Benefits Of Dropbox

Dropbox delivers several different benefits for businesses of all scales in all industries; including the following:

Team Collaboration

All team members can access documents from any location, at any time and on any device, maximising collaboration.

Security Measures

Included in the platform are both two-step authorisation and data encryption to guarantee complete protection and security.

Complete Flexibility

Dropbox enables businesses to upgrade their package to include more storage, allowing continuous business growth and flexibility.

File Organisation

All file types from PowerPoints and Word Documents, to videos and Trello boards, can be incorporated into your Dropbox space.

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