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With years of experience and a wealth of technical knowledge, Lucid have become specialists in IT auditing.

Reliable IT Network Audit.

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Regular network auditing is a ‘must’ for organisations of all scales in all industries. It enables business owners to get an accurate insight into the health of their network, along with its performance, strengths and weaknesses. Any gaps in security operations will also be highlighted, which would otherwise leave networks vulnerable to hackers. In opting to schedule an IT network audit, companies can be assured that all devices in the network are up-to-date, protected and fully compliant.

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Comprehensive Software Audits.

Improve Efficiency

Software audits can be conducted for an array of different reasons; the most common being to check whether platforms meet legal requirements, industry standards, and licensing compliance. When completing a software audit, we will compile a list of recommendations, explaining how you can improve the performance and security of software. Further support is also available should the implementation of new software be necessary.

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"We were impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail from the start. Their advice has been particularly useful and proactive, and is always translated into plain English so that even those of us who are less tech-savvy can understand."

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