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IT Support For Building Companies.

Support Catered To Your Needs

Your construction business relies on partnerships to deliver the end result to your customers. It shouldn’t be any different with your technology supplier. Our team understands the importance of communicating and sharing information regularly with staff and subcontractors to successfully deliver a project to your customers. Our IT support services are focused on efficiently responding to your requests and addressing any interruptions quickly to allow for continued information flow.

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Benefits Of Technology For Construction Companies.

Utilise Technology Within Your Business

Construction businesses have access to technology that comes with an abundance of benefits. These can help you improve your service delivery and reduce inefficiencies. Some benefits include:

  • Estimating
  • Project Management
  • Automation
  • Accessibility
  • Communication
  • Task Management
  • Timeline control
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Services Available.

Building & Constructing Your IT Services.

Building and construction thrive on designing, planning and executing, so we aim to ensure your business has a well-designed IT solution to aid your delivery. Lucid specialists develop customised recommendations by taking the time to get to know your business and devising a structured solution to enhance your technology.

Always Here To Support

Technology can sometimes be unpredictable; however, our 24/7 service ensure a Lucid team member is at hand when you need it.

Expert Advice

Every member of the Lucid team specialises in designing the perfect IT plan that elevates your business away from dealing with technology headaches. With expert advice to build the foundations of the ideal solution for your business, you can continue to focus on what matters most.

Pricing Plans

Our fixed-cost monthly support plans mean you have a clear knowledge of your outgoings to enable you to measure the ROI to your organisation.

What Sets Us Apart?

Always Go Above & Beyond.

"We have used Lucid for many years now, they always go above and beyond to ensure our computer systems are working at their best and are always looking for ways to improve efficiencies across our systems by using the latest technologies available."

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