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Having over 30 years of experience working alongside leading technology providers, Lucid recognise the growing demands of the digital age. With this in mind, we provide businesses of all scales with strategies on how to develop their IT operations. Strategies are created bespoke tailored around corporate goals, current IT problems and effective cybersecurity measures.

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One Of The Leading IT Consulting Companies.

At Lucid, we are proud to be one of the leading IT consulting companies in the area, providing solutions entirely bespoke to client requirements. All team members regularly embark in additional training courses to remain in the loop with industry updates. Using technical knowledge, alongside years of experience, we have streamlined an easy, three-step consultancy process:

Define Your Vision

Through spending time understanding your current processes, along with defining your vision, your consultant can begin identifying gaps in IT operations and technology.

Determine a Roadmap

Once they are familiarised with the requirements of your business, your consultant will begin developing a strategic roadmap to streamline operations and boost productivity.

Implement Technology

Not only will your consultant determine a roadmap for your business, but also provide support in implementing the technology suggested through customised managed IT packages.

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"We were impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail from the start. Their advice has been particularly useful and proactive, and is always translated into plain English so that even those of us who are less tech-savvy can understand."

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