Beach Avenue Wholesalers is a Victoria-based family-owned importer of beer, wine, spirits, and cider from Europe, who then distribute within Australia. Established in 1981, the team of 18 employees remain faithful to their work, with an excellent track record of adapting well to change, seizing opportunities, and producing bold innovations.


Over time, B.A.W. began to understand that there are very real cyber threats out there, especially in a world where everything is done digitally. An understandable fear led them to reach out to us to conduct a review of their systems. Utilising the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Essential Eight model, the team at Lucid were quick to create a powerful solution that was sure to exceed their expectations.


  • Implement a strong firewall & system monitoring
  • Prevent unauthorised applications to be installed on company devices
  • Real-time Backup Monitoring & Management
  • Improve the handover process with new staff
  • Set up permission-based access
  • Patch applications in a timely manner
  • Backup their data


At Lucid, we understand the importance of business security and know there’s no time to waste when creating a strong cyber security solution. So, we began by performing a thorough audit to understand their current security maturity level.

Having a greater understanding of their current position, meant we could create a strategic roadmap to enhance their security as it’s not an overnight solution.

We then consulted with the team to understand their day-to-day behaviour within their IT ecosystem, giving us a clearer picture of what their ‘normal’ activity looked like. From there, we started removing unused applications and devices, while ensuring the team had access to what they needed. Multi-factor authentication was also enforced on all business applications.

Next, we installed Threat Locker and Sophos XG firewall to monitor malicious activity, limit application access and track all data transfers to help prevent data from getting into the wrong hands. We also rolled out 3rd party patching tools to ensure their business applications are always up to date.


Given the current supply IT chain issues, receiving the Sophos firewall was expected to take weeks, if not months, but B.A.W couldn’t wait. With the growing risks coupled with the fear of a lack of security, we knew we had to find a quicker solution. Luckily, we were able to locate a spare one of our own that B.A.W. could have and give them immediate protection. them immediate protection.

IT Aftermath.

There’s nothing more important than ensuring the safety of a business which made transforming B.A.W.’s IT security an extremely crucial process. They went from having a great IT setup to having both great and secure IT systems. So, what were the results?

  • Stronger security maturity level
  • Greater visibility over their business systems
  • A new process in place to ensure smooth handovers between staff
  • Well-documented processes and access requirements
  • Regular backups and disaster recovery plan with the help of our data backup solution, Datto.

Most importantly, B.A.W. now rests easy knowing the team at Lucid has secured their business.

But it doesn’t end there…

Cyber threats continue to rise, and this is only the beginning. As part of our security model, we continue to monitor and analyse B.A.W.’s environment to ensure they have the best protection in place.

At Lucid IT, we continue to put our customers first. With over 30+ years of experience, our IT experts understand the constant evolution of IT and know what it takes to properly secure a business. Our cyber security solutions are tailored to you and what your business needs.

Talk to us today, because we’re always here for you, even when technology isn’t.