Meet The Team.

Our team is continuously growing, and we’d love to introduce you to some of our key team members.

Adam Nightingale

Managing Director

“As Managing Director of Lucid, I dedicate a lot of my time mentoring and growing the team, so we can collectively help clients reach their full potential through comprehensive IT services. I understand the constant evolution of the IT world and through my passion for helping people, I bring those two worlds together.

‘Being Human’ is at the centre of our company values, and to achieve this, we steer clear from the conventional ‘tech talk’ and instead, take a personal approach to create client solutions. We aim to inspire businesses to streamline IT operations and align IT with their goals. As we recognise the uniqueness of each business, we work together to create bespoke solutions for specific customer needs. We will always go ‘Above & Beyond’, assuring that we pay great attention to detail and drive for results that exceed all expectations.

We are a company that prides itself on its positive culture and first-class service to our clients. And regardless of the project or client, we always stay true to our values.”

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Adam Nightingale

Meet Our Leadership Team.

  • Julianne Andrews

    Julianne Andrews

    Operations Manager
  • David Fleetwood

    David Fleetwood

    Senior Product Engineer

Our Team Members.

  • Jason Adamopoulos

    Jason Adamopoulos

    Service Coordinator
  • Nakul Ahuja

    Nakul Ahuja

    Support Technician
  • Dilan Hemachandra

    Dilan Hemachandra

    Support Technician
  • Leon Hammad

    Leon Hammad

    Support Technician
  • Graeme Nightingale

    Graeme Nightingale

    Senior Project Consultant
  • James Davis

    James Davis

    Business Consultant
  • Lauren McMaster

    Lauren McMaster

    Business Services
  • Luna


    Chief Morale Officer

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What Makes The Team Special.

Every team member brings something unique to Lucid, and their expertise in technology brings valuable knowledge which is used within our services. Combining experience and skill with exceptional customer service, every client’s IT plan is developed with careful consideration about what technology their business can benefit from.

Friendly Service

Our team are always happy to help you develop a customised IT strategy to ensure that you get the most out of your technology. Customer service is at the forefront of our company values.

A Wealth Of Knowledge

Every team member brings a wealth of knowledge to Lucid. We are proud of the exceptional quality of skilled IT professionals that continue to push themselves to find high-quality IT solutions.


The whole Lucid team is extremely enthusiastic about developing customised IT solutions and ensuring that your business makes the most out of advancing technology.

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