There are 2 things on most business owners’ minds right now: how can we do more with less and how can I keep my business secure?

How can we do more with less?

Productivity growth is essential for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) to remain competitive. Fortunately, modern technology has made the ways in which we do business easier. Whether it be sending an email to a client or having a video call with a co-worker, communication is instant and simple. Though, not all applications or solutions are equal and using the right tools can make all the difference in improving your overall productivity and efficiency. What applications do you use to communicate in your business? Could they be better?

How Can I Keep my Business Secure?

Given what’s happening in Australia right now, the need for businesses to prioritise cyber security has never been higher. It feels like all we see on the news are reports of new cyber-attacks, such as the Medibank, Telstra and Optus data breaches. This is forcing many businesses to address their own cyber security measures. Is your business really secure from a cyber-attack? Do you have the right applications and tools in place to protect your business?

So how can address this?

For the best productivity and security tools for your business, consider upgrading to Microsoft Business Premium.

Why Should You Upgrade to Microsoft Business Premium?

Microsoft Business Premium is a cloud-based solution that is purpose-built for SMBs with 300 users or less. With a collection of integrated applications and additional security features, Business Premium enables businesses to not only streamline processes, increase efficiency and enhance communication and collaboration but also gain peace of mind that their business is protected from cyber-threats. If you’re using Microsoft Business Basic, Business Standard or even another platform, such as Google Workspace, here are our top 6 reasons why you should consider upgrading or switching to Microsoft Business Premium today:

1 – Enhanced Security & Privacy

Cyber security is currently a top concern for many businesses and, coincidentally, one of the biggest benefits of Microsoft Business Premium is the advanced cyber security and privacy features. For instance:

  • Windows Defender and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection helps businesses by preventing sophisticated phishing emails, ransomware and advanced malware attempts from accessing your systems.
  • Azure Information Protection enables users to encrypt sensitive emails and for authorised users to restrict copying and forwarding of confidential or sensitive business data.
  • Conditional Access via the Azure Directory settings allows you to maintain control over where, when and who can connect to your Microsoft 365 environment at any given time. This provides your business with modern protection and Zero Trust security.
  • In addition to every user receiving a 50GB primary mailbox, the unlimited cloud archive mailbox ensures all your email data is stored in a more secure location.
  • Protect your business’ sensitive information and ensure only authorised employees have access with Microsoft Business Premium’s built-in advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature. Proven to prevent 99.9% of businesses from identity attacks, MFA is the most effective way to ensure your critical data remains in trustworthy hands.

2 – Desktop & Mobile Device Management

Do you know how many devices are connected to your company network?

Every laptop, tablet and smartphone, regardless of whether they’re company-owned or employee devices, poses a security risk to your business. Microsoft’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools provide a simple way of managing all devices. Ensuring your business is compliant with industry security requirements, (I.e. using supported and legitimate operating systems and patches), our team can provide seamless deployment for new devices and applications using Microsoft Intune MDM. In the case that a device with company data on it was lost or stolen, authorised users may use Microsoft’s Intune’s Selective Wipe to remotely wipe the device. You can also apply security policies to identify and protect sensitive information such as your employee or customer’s personal and financial information. Being able to remotely control the amount and type of information that is shared on all company-connected devices and limited access of authorised users allows businesses to provide extra protection to what matters most.

3 – Microsoft Secure Score

Do you know how secure your business is against cyber threats?

By upgrading to Microsoft Business Premium, you will gain access to Microsoft Defender and the Microsoft Secure Score assessment tool. This useful tool:

  • Assesses your current cyber security posture
  • Provides a comparison with industry benchmarks and establishes key performance indicators to track improvement
  • Suggests steps you can take to improve your business’ cyber security such as configuring recommended security features

Through the Microsoft Defender portal, business owners are also able to monitor the security of Microsoft user identities, applications and devices – effectively giving you complete control over your cyber security measures. How well do you think your business would score?

4 – Effortless Communication & Collaboration

With productivity in mind, the first benefit of using Microsoft Business Premium is the ease of communication & collaboration across Microsoft’s range of applications. Microsoft Teams is the go-to means of internal communications that allows users to connect and collaborate from one place. Whether you want to have a meeting (with video calls up to 250 users), send messages, or share documents or files using SharePoint, Business Premium makes connecting with co-workers quick and easy and enhances teamwork.


5 – Access Your Documents from Anywhere

OneDrive Cloud Storage allows users to securely access and sync files on PC, Mac or mobile devices, which means that employees can effectively and safely work from anywhere. This is ideal as many businesses continue to adopt more remote-working business models. Also, with 1TB of OneDrive Cloud Storage per user, you’ll never have to worry about running out of space or being stuck on a project due to low disk space.

6 – Always Available & Reliable

As your business relies on technology to maintain productivity, it’s important to have an IT solution that not only suits your business’s needs but is also reliable. As one of the biggest and most trusted cloud-based solutions available, you can rest assured that you will always have access to your files and applications with Microsoft Business Premium. For added peace of mind, the platform ensures a 99.9% financially backed uptime guarantee.

Additionally, you can set automatic updates to your operating system and applications, so you can always be up-to-date and have the latest features available for your business.

Are You Ready to Upgrade?

These 6 features are just some of the many benefits upgrading to Microsoft Business Premium can offer your business. While every business has different IT requirements, Microsoft Business Premium is an affordable and simple way to promote productivity and enhance your cyber security stance. Whether you’re already using Microsoft or ready to make the switch from another platform, upgrading is quick, easy and provides peace of mind that your business is not only secure but on track for success.

Talk to the team today to learn more about how upgrading to Microsoft Business Premium can help your business.